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  • Product name: Creatinine detection cat litter 0.5-2mm
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  • Time: 2015-11-11
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Cat is a kind of docile animal. They were regarded as pets by human long long ago. People hope they can accompany them permanently. Therefore, it is  very important for human to keep their cat in healthy.
According to the data from FCRIC, the reason of the death of the most cats is urethral diseases. How to detect the illness early and how to prevent the disease of cats early become an important issue.

The following kind of discolor cat litter can detect and warn the occur of renal failure, then people can take measures to prevent and treat the illness of cat asap.

Bright yellow discolor cat litter

1.Appearance: Bright yellow irregular granules.
2.Discoloring situation:If the creatinine content is higher than the standard, the color of our cat litter will be changed from bright yellow to reddish orange.
3.Application: Creatinine come from muscles metabolism,which is released into the blood and excreted along with urine. Excessive creatinine content means the decline of glomerular filtration rate and the kidney detox function, once the kidney function decline and go into a continuous renal failure stage, it can lead to uremia. So the excessive creatinine content can warn people need to take measures to treat the illness of cat asap.